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“Mahalaxmi Dhandhanya Beema” is a with-profit (participating) Anticipated Endowment Policy. The policy provides Sum Assured plus vested bonus on death of the life assured during the policy term, a fixed percentage of Sum assured as survival benefit in form structured payments, and a maturity benefit on survival of the policyholder till the end of the policy term. This product shares the profits of the company during the policy term if surplus arises after actuarial valuation, by allocation in the form of simple reversionary bonus. The product offers two policy terms: 15 years and 20 years.

  • Name of the plan

    Mahalaxmi Dhandhanya Beema
  • Participating/Non-Participating

    Participating, Simple Reversionary Bonus
  • Maximum Age at Maturity

    70 years nearest birthday
  • Minimum Sum Assured

    Rs. 50,000 (Fifty thousand)
  • Rider Available

    ADB, TPD, PWB and CI
  • Premium Payment Term

    Equal to Policy Term
  • Policy Benefits

    • On Death
      In Case of assured’s death during the policy term, following benefit will be payable 100% Sum Assured + Vested Bonus declared and vested till the time of death
    • Moneyback
      Subject to survival of the assured and policy being in force, two payments of 20% of Sum Assured will be made to the life assured at the interval of 5 years as illustrated below. The Survival Benefit (Money-back) payment shall be made only after receiving the due premiums.
      Policy Year / Term                15 yrs                20 yrs
                5                                            20%                 –
               10                                          20%              20%
               15                                           –                    20%
    • On maturity
      On survival of the assured till Maturity, following benefits will be paid: 60% of Sum Assured (i.e. 100% Sum Assured – Total Moneyback payments made) + Vested Bonus will be paid
    • Surrender Value
      The surrender value will be payable on surrender, as prescribed by Beema Samiti, subject to premium having been paid at least for 3 years.
    • Benefits (Paid UP)
      If Premium payment ceases after at least 2 years, a paid-up value is secured payable on death/ maturity

First Policy Issued Date: 2021-02-25 00:00:00.000

  • Insurance Plan Type

    Anticipated Endowment Assurance Policy
  • Age at Entry

    18 years last birthday to 55 years nearest birthday
  • Policy Term

    15 years and 20 years
  • Maximum Sum Assured

    Rs. 250,000,000, (Two Hundred Fifty Million)
  • Rider Term

    Equal to Policy Term
  • Premium Mode

    Yearly/ Half Yearly/ Quarterly/ Monthly/ Single