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“Mahalaxmi Barshik Dhanfirta Beema” is an Anticipated Endowment Plan. It contains the features of risk coverage of twice the Sum Assured throughout the policy term, repayment of 5% of Sum Assured every year and repayment of remaining Sum Assured along with bonus and vested in the policy for the whole policy term.

  • Name of the plan

    Mahalaxmi Barshik Dhanfirta Beema
  • Age of Entry

    18 yrs to 65 yrs
  • Maximum Age of Maturity

    70 yrs
  • Minimum Sum Assured

    Rs. 50,000 (Fifty Thousand)
  • Mode of Payment

    Single, Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly
  • Supplementary Benefits

    ADB, PTD and PWB

First Policy Issued Date: 16th August 2019

  • Insurance Plan Type

    Participating Anticipated Endowment Plan
  • Policy Term

    5 yrs to 20 yrs
  • Premium Paying Term

    Single or as long as Policy Term
  • Maximum Sum Assured

    Rs. 250,000,000, (Two Hundred Fifty Million), (in intervals of 10,000)
  • Benefits under this policy

    • Annual Money Back:
      Payment of 5% of Sum Assured on every policy anniversary provided that the policy is in-force.
    • Maturity Benefit:
      Remaining Sum Assured after deducting payments made as per point (a) above and the bonus for the full policy term will be paid to the insured if he survives till policy maturity.
    •  Death benefit:
      Twice the sum assured and accrued bonus is payable to the nominee upon death of insured within the policy term provided that the policy is in force.
    • Paid-up value, Surrender Value and Loan:
      The policy will gain paid-up value or surrender value upon payment of premiums for 3 full years. The paid-up calculation is done as per the approved method prescribed by Beema Samiti. Loan of up to 90 % of the surrender value can be availed. The policy can be surrendered only after completion of 3 years.